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SparklePigeon (aka KRONiS) has or currently uses:

  • Ernie Ball / MusicMan strings and guitars… almost exclusively, <3 Derek + Brian and team @Ernie Ball Gibson & Ernie Ball + Mesa Boogie + Line6
  • Except for this ’77 Gibson Artisan (and the ’78 that is no longer part of KRONiS (AKA SparklePigeon)’s weaponry, first used on THERMOclinE’s recordings sometimes rears it’s head for open tuning tracks or weird tunings that would throw the finely precisely balance floating bridges on the JP6’s out of whack. For example, ‘Pretty Noose’ by Soundgarden is a cover SparklePigeon is recording, with all of that in mind.
  • Mesa/Boogie – Since switching to Ableton Live for all guitar work, KRONiS hasn’t been doing much with Mesa/boogie, and no longer requires the firepower (thanks Tim @ Mesa/Boogie for the two 4×12 slant cabinets pictured at the top) until iRig showed up on the scene and the Mesa/Boogie Amps were installed! ($19.99 vs $1,999 for a digital version!

iRig BlueBoard + Amplitube            Mesa Boogie digital rectifiers

  • iRig – This innovative company has great tools for portable artistry. Expect to see KRONiS (aka SparklePigeon) atop an art car soon wielding an iRig + a JP6 guitar with no compromise thanks to Amplitube + iRig, as well as the mighty BlueBoard pedal setup… this is killer for learning/recording songs in small places without compromising quality. iRig BlueBoard Foot Pedal Controller


  • Line6 – Back in the day, these folks were well ahead of the curve, thus KRONiS(SparklePigeon) used their gear prominently in the Vacant Lot video for THERMOclinE’s Vacant Lot.

line-6-pedal-board-in-thermocline-video KRONiS spikey hair Vacant Lot Video MuchMusic

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    01. I'm Not Sorry - online preview

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